Divisional Committees

ALLA State and Territory Committees are the lifeblood of the national association. These divisional committees organise local social events, conduct state based education and training, and assist the members of their respective divisions in many other ways.

Under the national model, ALLA divisions now endeavour to record relevant professional development programs and events, so that they can be shared with the national body via podcasts, papers, and webinars. The national model also allows for all ALLA members to attend interstate events in person.

As with all ALLA positions, divisional committee members offer their time on a voluntary basis, and the committees are always on the lookout for enthusiastic members to become involved.

ALLA Members residing in Queensland or Tasmania, where there are currently no ALLA Divisions, are especially encouraged to express their interest, with the ultimate goal of forming an ALLA Division in those states. Contact president@alla.asn.au for more details.