Member Resources

Member Directory - The member directory lists the professional contact details of all members. Directory listings are opt-in and currently only contain your Name, Position, Employee and Email. If you can't find yourself, please edit your profile to allow inclusion.

Australian Law LibrarianAs of January 2019, all ALLA members have free access to the full text of the Australian Law Librarianon HEIN Online's Law Journal Library, from vol 1 (1993) to current.

ALLA Community - ALLA Community replaces and extends the former ALLA Wiki, and is an open collaboration space where members can contribute to the knowledge pool by adding Research Q&As, Legal Links, Lists of duplicates available for donation and more.

Podcasts & Papers - A complete archive of all podcasts and papers held on the ALLA site. New papers and podcasts are catalogued with as much detail as possible, and are searchable by many fields. All ALLA members are encouraged to volunteer their time in adding further descriptive metadata to the historical archive.

Document Archive - Here you will find a list of all documents available on the ALLA website. Which files you are able to view in the list depends on your current member permissions - e.g. if you are part of a divisional committee, you will have access to those files from here, as well as under your committee subpages.

Vendor Relations - This space is for information and discussion regarding the relationships between law libraries and legal publishers. It is maintained and moderated by the Vendor Relations Committee.

Member Surveys - ALLA conducts surveys of its members from time to time in order to better understand the role of the legal information professional, salary expectations, and member satisfaction with the association.

50th Anniversary Logo - ALLA proudly invites members to download and use the 50th Anniversary Logo in their email signatures.