ALLA Life Membership Award

Guidelines for Life Membership of ALLA Ltd 

From the Constitution:

“Life Member” means a person appointed to be a Life Member by the Directors, and who is recorded as a Life Member in the Register. There are no membership fees for Life Members. Life Members have voting rights and can be nominated for a Director position.

'Member' includes 'Life Member'.

The process for applying for membership is the following:

"Every person seeking admission to Membership of the Company must:

(i) sign a written application addressed to the Secretary, in the form prescribed by the Board;

(ii) specify the class of Membership sought and such other particulars as the Board may either generally or, in a particular case"

A life member of ALLA is appointed at the discretion of the ALLA Board after the retirement of the applicant from fulltime work. In exercising its discretion, the Board will take into account the following criteria:

  • Substantial and ongoing contribution to Australian law librarianship at state or national levels, subcommittees or conferences.
  • Substantial and ongoing promotion of the Australian Law Librarians’ Association.
  • A statement from the Divisional President in support of the application (1000 words minimum and of a standard to be published in the Australian Law Librarian after the announcement of the Life Membership).
  • Nomination by two ALLA members of the relevant state division in support of the applicant.

The application process for the nomination of a life member shall be:

  • Completion of the nomination form with details and signatures of nominating divisional members.
  • List of achievements plus statement from Divisional President submitted via the application form.
  • Form submitted to ALLA Board Secretary.
  • ALLA Board approves/disapproves nomination at the Board meeting.
  • The Board will seek acceptance of the nominee prior to announcing the appointment by way of the ALLA newsletter.
  • Applications must be made by midnight, 19 April 2018.
  • A statement of achievement (by the Divisional President) will be published in the Australian Law Librarian after the announcement.

Printing instructions

  • To be printed in colour
  • Certificate quality paper


ALLA will fund costs associated with the printing and distribution of the certificate.

There is no cost to the nominee on appointment as a life member and the life member shall not be charged annual membership fees. Once accepted, the Life Member will be required to renew each year to ensure that records are kept up to date.

The decision of the panel will be final. No correspondence will be entered into.

Please email the completed application to:

National Secretary

Australian Law Librarians’ Association Ltd

Email Address: