Previous Awards

Previous awards, bursaries, and scholarships offered by the Australian Law Librarians' Association.

Pacific Assistance Award

In 2011 the former Pacific Scholarship became the Pacific Assistance Award.

This monetary award provided an opportunity for a Pacific Law Library staff member, such as a library manager, librarian or library assistant, to improve capacity within their library workplace and therefore benefit the library and the law and justice sector agency they work in.

For example, the award could be used to:

  • Purchase textbooks for the collection and/or subscription to legal databases;
  • Purchase essential equipment such as a printer, digital camera, scanner and/or hard drive;
  • Purchase bookshelves and/or furniture; or
  • Invest in professional development such as improving legal research skills or gaining a librarianship qualification.

Three Assistance Awards were granted each year:

One Assistance Award of $1500

One Assistance Award of $500

A one year subscription to the Australian Law Librarian journal

Previous Recipients

2012 University of the South Pacific



Pacific Libraries Scholarship

Established in 2001, the Pacific Libraries Scholarship was awarded annually to law librarians and law library staff from the Pacific Islands to enable these librarians to attend the ALLA Conference.

Previous Recipients

2010 - Ms. Leutu Leuluaialii, Law Librarian, Attorney-General's Office, Samoa

2009 - Deepak Singh, Acting Assistant Librarian, Office of the Solicitor-General, Suva, Republic of the Fiji Islands

2008 - Raelytta Daoe, Supreme Court Library, Department of Judiciary, Republic of Nauru

2007 - Pauline Kalo, Supreme Court of Vanuatu

2006 - Susanna Macanawi, Institute of Judicial and Legal Education, Fiji Johannes Fege, National Court of Justice PNG

2005 - Mary Lesatele, Office of the Attorney-General, Samoa Yule Wambe, Supreme Court of PNG, Mt Hagen

2004 - Kesa Tuikoro, High Court of Fiji Wilma Marakan, Deputy Librarian, Department of Justice & Attorney General, PNG Jason Pombo, Supreme Court of PNG, Port Moresby

2003 - Verenaisi Bavadra, Librarian, Fiji Human Rights Commission

2002 - George Vete, Supreme Court of Tonga

2001 - Jenny Binihi, Library Assistant, University of the South Pacific, Vanuatu Shalen Kumar, Director of Public Prosecutions, Fiji (Cth DPP sponsorship) Mina Shandil, Library Assistant, Attorney-General' s Chambers, Fiji (ACT ALLG sponsorship) Miriam Bite, Acting Law Librarian, University of PNG (Thomson sponsorship)