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Message from the ALLA CPD Committee

Overview of the QUT Law Librarianship course, by ALLA CPD Chair, Kim Kelly

The Law Librarianship intensive course went online this year. Flipping the course meant that more people could participate and do so whilst still in their own state. The course attracted participants from all across Australia and beyond, including the Pacific Islands.

Participants were able to either enroll in the course for professional development, or complete the assessment tasks to gain credit for a unit in the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) Master of Information or Master of Information Science by completing all of the assessment activities.

Whichever option they chose, all of the participants were engaged and committed to the program - even in the online environment there was lots of collaboration and interaction.
The feedback from students was extremely positive: participants found that it was a steep learning curve, but very relevant to their work in law libraries, whether court libraries, law firm libraries or law faculty libraries.

ALLA would like to thank and acknowledge Professor Gillian Hallam. We really appreciate Gill's dedication to librarianship, in this instance, to law librarianship, and thank her for all of the energy that she has brought to this new rendition of the course, Law Librarianship: Legal Research. Thank you Gill.

ALLA also says a big thank you to Deborah Ponting, lecturer at Library and Information Science Education, QUT, for all of her hard work and support. Our thanks also goes to Kate Davis at QUT for being there to help out with the administrative matters and the technology issues associated with the transition to the online environment.

ALLA thanks and acknowledges Kirsty McPhee, Lisa Sylvester and Kim Kelly for their contributions, especially with the review of the course materials to ensure that they were current and relevant.

Last, but definitely not least, a huge thank you goes to all of the Mentors who supported and worked with the students, as well as to other members of ALLA who helped organise and support the course.

Now that the course has concluded, maybe we can think about doing it all over again!
If you know of people who are interested in legal research, please ask them to contact Kim Kelly (ALLA CPD Chair), email: or


Pictured from left: Deborah Ponting (Lecturer of Library and Information Science Education, QUT), Adjunct Professor Gillian Hallam (of QUT) and Kim Kelly, ALLA CPD Coordinator.