Notes for Contributors

Australian Law Librarian welcomes the contribution of articles and notes.

Submissions, suggestions and queries regarding a topic or article should be forwarded to the editors via email.

Guidelines for submission of articles

  • Article title, authors name and email or link to social media profile (optional) across top of page
  • Author picture also encouraged, but optional
  • Formatting, citations and footnoting as prescribed in Australian Guide to Legal Citation 4th edition 2018
  • All pictures and screen images suitable for B & W publication
  • Approval from publishers to reproduce screen images
  • Word formatted document
  • Times Roman font, size 12
  • Length is 1000+ words, variation from this to be discussed with ALL editor.

Book reviews should be 600-800 words maximum.

Conference Reports should be 2000-2500 maximum.

Please note, articles published in the Australian Law Librarian may be published online for access by ALLA members, and/or added to electronic journal collections.

The Editors would appreciate notice of pending contributions to assist in planning future issues. Acceptance and publication of contributions is at the discretion of the Editors in accordance with the Editorial Policy.

Submission dates 2019



Volume 27 (1)

15 February 2019

Volume 27 (2)

15 May 2019

Volume 27 (3)

15 August 2019

Volume 27(4)

15 November 2019


The ALL Journal Editors are Fiona MacDowall and Robin Gardner: