Other Lists

ANZACLL - Australian Academic Law Librarians list. The purpose of this list is to have an “academic” space to facilitate private discussion which is likely to be of interest, or relevance,  to academic law librarians only.  Membership is limited to academic law librarians, but the discussion is unmoderated. Find out more about the Australian Academic Law Librarians Group.

LAW-LIS - A UK list for news and discussion on legal information and law libraries. This list is for anyone to join.

BIALL (British and Irish Association of Law Librarians) - this email forum is for BIALL members only.

Law-Lib Listserv  - a US based list. The law-lib list is unmoderated, but you do have to be a subscriber in order to post messages to the list. Most of the subscribers to law-lib are law librarians. All types of law librarians are welcome on this list: academic, law firm, court, government, etc. Other individuals with an interest in law librarianship are also welcome to subscribe. To subscribe: send an email to 
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
. In the body of the email please type "subscribe law-lib first name last name."  Also see the FAQ page.

AALL (American Association of Law Librarians) - this association has many email forums. Most are open to AALL members only, but some are open to anyone to join.

CALL (Canadian Association of Law Libraries) - this list is open for anyone to join.

INT-LAW - this list is open to anyone to join and primarily serves as a forum for discussion and sharing of information concerning foreign, comparative, and international legal resources.

OSALL - Organistion of South African Law Libraries at listserv@osall.org.za