Annual Fellowship Program


The ALLA Annual Fellowship Programme was introduced in 2011. It provides ALLA members with an opportunity to attend an international law library conference of their choice. ALLA provides financial assistance to help pay for airfares, accommodation and registration. Candidates apply for the Fellowships in a competitive process, and an ALLA selection panel makes the decisions on who receives the scholarships. The international conferences include:

AALL (American Association of Law Libraries)
IALL (International Association of Law Libraries)
IFLA (International Federation of Library Associations & Institutions)
NZLLA (New Zealand Law Librarians’ Association)

2021 Second round fellowships (Applications for 2021 are now closed.)

In 2021, ALLA is pleased to offer a second round of fellowships:

  • Seven $120 fellowships to cover the member registration fee to attend the ALLA Conference, which will be held online from September 22-24, 2021.
  • The Petal Kinder Memorial IALL fellowship, and a second IALL fellowship, which will pay the online registration fees for the 2021 IALL virtual conference in October 2021.

How to Apply

Decide which conference of the two conferences you would like to attend, complete the 2021 ALLA Fellowship Application Form and send it to by COB Friday 13th August.

(See below for a list of Fellowship recipients.)

Requirements for Successful Applicants

  • Successful applicants must pay their conference registration before seeking reimbursement from ALLA
  • Successful recipients must attend the specific conference within the calendar year of receiving the award. If the award is not taken up within the timeframe, the funding and registration will be void.
  • Successful recipients will reimburse ALLA the funding in full, should they not fulfill the obligations of the fellowship program.
  • Successful applicants are required to submit an article to the Australian Law Librarian Journal within 12 weeks of attending the conference.


Criteria for Applications

In order for the Committee to make a decision, applicants are expected to submit a detailed application explaining their particular interest in attending the conference of their choice.  In awarding a fellowship the Committee may base its decision on a number of factors including:

  • The quality of the application, including reference to the conference programme and specific sessions of interest.
  • The ability of the applicant to be a good ambassador of ALLA and Australian law librarians through their intent to participate and engage in the international conference.
  • Whether, or not, an applicant has received an ALLA (national or state) scholarship or fellowship in recent years.  Preference may be given to those who have not benefited from a bursary or fellowship in the past.

Fellowship Committee

  • Applications will be considered by the Fellowship Committee.
  • The Fellowship Committee will consist of the National Vice President (Committee Chair), and three board members.
  • Of the four committee members, the National Vice President will only vote in the in the event of a tie.


ALLA Fellowship Recipients

2021 -

  • Roxana Jarolimek, Knowledge Management Consultant, Sparke Helmore, Sydney – AALL Conference
  • Amanda Surrey, Knowledge Manager, Victoria – AALL Conference
  • Colin Fong, Teaching Fellow, UNSW – ALLA Conference
  • Alice Hewitt, Training Librarian, Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions, WA – ALLA Conference
  • Melissa Spain, Training Librarian, AGS Library, ACT – ALLA Conference

2020 -  Due to the cancellation of most law library conferences due to COVID-19 restrictions, no fellowships were awarded.

2019 - With the IALL Conference being held in Sydney in 2019, a record nine annual fellowships were awarded in 2019. They were awarded to:

  • Jane Griskaitis, Research Librarian, Law Society of New South Wales (NSW) –NZLLA Conference
  • Vanessa Blackmore, Manager, NSW Law Courts Library Services (NSW) – BIALL Conference
  • Larissa Reid, Reader Services Manager, NSW Law Courts Library (NSW) – AALL Conference
  • Andrew Pemberton, Library and Information Services Manager, College of Law (NSW) – CALL/ACBD Conference
  • Michelle Holdstock, Law Librarian, Western Sydney University (NSW) – IALL Annual Course
  • Amy Leong, Faculty Librarian, John & Alison Kearney Law Library, Bond University (QLD) – IALL Annual Course
  • David McDowell, Librarian, Jackson McDonald (WA) – IALL Annual Course
  • Cate Read, Court Researcher, Supreme Court of Victoria (VIC) – IALL Annual Course
  • Frieda Evans, Library Manager, Northern Territory Courts Library (NT) – IALL Annual Course


  • Phil Mullen, K&L Gates (NSW) – ALLA Conference
  • Monika Zygmuntowicz, Herbert Smith Freehills (VIC) – ALLA Conference



  • Lucy Brown, DW Fox Tucker (SA) – BIALL Conference
  • Louise Langridge, Piper Alderman (SA) – NZLAA Conference
  • Margaret Hutchison, High Court of Australia (ACT) – CALL/ACBD Conference
  • 2016 - Holger Aman, NSW Law Courts Library (NSW) – IALL Conference in Oxford
  • 2015 - Eleni Christofi, Arnold Bloch Leibler (VIC) – IALL Conference in Berlin
  • 2014 - Jolie Cook, Fisher Jeffries Gadens (SA) – AALL Conference
  • 2013 - Justine Hyde, Interim Director, Law Library of Victoria (VIC) – AALL Conference
  • 2012 - Amanda Surrey, Manager, Group Legal, BHP Billiton (VIC) – AALL Conference
  • 2011 - Debbie Bennett, Manager, NSW Law Courts Library (NSW) – IALL Conference in Kuala Lumpur

The BIALL Annual Study Scholarship was awarded from 1992–2010. This was a reciprocal exchange programme between ALLG (now ALLA) and BIALL (the British and Irish Association of Law Librarians) which provided an opportunity for a member of each association to attend each other’s conferences. To learn about the background and history of the current Fellowship and the BIALL Annual Study Scholarship, and a list of recipients from 1992 up until 2019, see 'ALLA Award and Scholarship Recipients: From Inception Until 2019' (2019) 27(4) Australian Law Librarian 261-265.