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Abandoned vehicles


Abduction see Kidnapping

Aboriginal affairs

Aboriginal children

Aboriginal cultural heritage

Aboriginal customary rights see Native title

Aboriginal heritage agreements see Heritage agreements

Aboriginal land rights

Aboriginal Lands Trust

Aboriginal people see Aboriginal affairs

Aboriginal sites and relics see Aboriginal cultural heritage

Aboriginal traditional fishing


Abuse of persons in care

Access for the disabled see People with disabilities

Access to children

Access to information see Freedom of information

Accident towing see Tow trucks

Accommodation discrimination see Discrimination in relation to accommodation

Accumulations see Perpetuities and accumulations

Acquired immune deficiency syndrome see Infectious diseases

Acquisition of land by public bodies see Land acquisition by public bodies

Acts interpretation see Legislation

Acts of parliament see Legislation

Adelaide Casino

Adelaide Cemeteries Authority

Adelaide City Council

Adelaide Festival Centre

Adelaide Festival Centre Trust

Adelaide Festival Corporation

Adelaide Festival of Arts

Adelaide Festival Theatre

Adelaide Medical Centre for Women and Children

Adelaide Park Lands

Adelaide Railway Station

Adelaide Show Grounds

Adelaide Workers' Homes Incorporated

Administration of estates

Administrative agencies see Public authorities

Administrative decisions


Adoptive parents see Parents

Adult community education

Adult education see Adult community education

Adulterated products, articles, substances

Advance care directives

Adverse possession see Ejectment



Aerosol sniffing see Volatile substances


Affirmations see Oaths and affirmations

Affordable housing see Housing

Affray see Public order

Affreightment see Sea carriage

Age see: Age of criminal responsibility; Age discrimination; Aged persons; Legal capacity; Minors (Legal rights); Proof of age

Age discrimination

Age of criminal responsibility

Age of majority see Legal capacity

Aged care hostels see Supported residential facilities

Aged persons


Aggravated assault see Aggravated offences

Aggravated burglary see Aggravated offences

Aggravated offences


Agricultural chemicals

Agricultural equipment and machinery

Agricultural pests see Plant diseases and pests

Agricultural poisons see Agricultural chemicals

Agricultural produce

Agricultural showgrounds

Agricultural spraying

Agriculture see Primary production

Aiding and abetting

AIDS see Infectious diseases

Air navigation see Air transport

Air piracy see Crimes on aircraft

Air pollution

Air traffic control see Air transport

Air transport

Airports see Aerodromes

Alcohol consumption in public places

Alcohol-free zones see Alcohol consumption in public places

Alcohol interlocks

Alcohol levels in blood see Blood testing

Alienation of crown land see Crown land

Ambulance services

Amusement structure safety see Plant and machinery safety

Anatomy schools see Schools of anatomy

Anchorage and mooring of vessels see Harbors and ports

Animal baiting see Animal trapping and baiting

Animal carcasses see Animal destruction and disposal

Animal cruelty see Animal welfare

Animal destruction and disposal

Animal ethics

Animal experiments see Animal ethics

Animal exportation

Animal fights see Animal welfare

Animal identification see Brands and branding

Animal impounding see Impounding of animals

Animal pounds see Impounding of animals

Animal proof fences

Animal registration

Animal sanctuaries see Sanctuaries

Animal trapping and baiting

Animal welfare


Annual leave see Employment entitlements

Anti-discrimination see Discrimination

ANZ Executors and Trustee Company (South Australia) Limited

ANZAC Day see Holidays

Apiaries and apiculture see Bees and bee keeping

Apprenticeships and traineeships

Aquabikes see Personal watercraft


Aquaculture leases see Aquaculture

Aquaculture licences see Aquaculture

Aquascooters see Personal watercraft

Aquatic pests

Aquatic plants and animals

Aquatic reserves see Marine protected areas

Aquifers see Groundwater


Archaeological sites and relics see Heritage conservation


Architectural Practice Board of South Australia

Archives see Government archives

Arrest see Offenders

Arrest of ships and cargo see Crimes at sea


Art galleries

Art Gallery Board

Artificial breeding of livestock


Arts festivals see Festivals

Asbestosis see Dust diseases

ASER Services Corporation

Assault and bodily harm

Assault of persons in care see Abuse of persons in care

Assemblies see Public assemblies

Assistance animals see Working animals

Assisted reproductive treatment

Association with criminals see Criminal associations


Athletes see Sporting contestants

Attachment of earnings see Garnishment

Attendance at school see School attendance



Audio-visual evidence see Evidence

Auditing of public accounts see Public audits


Australian Crime Commission

Australian Energy Market Commission